Who We Are

Dhruv Joshi and co-founder Joyner Lucas started working on Tully in 2015 to develop technology tools for creative talent in the music industry. The result of their collaboration is Tully App, an artists' platform, built by and for creators, placing the power of production, promotion, and distribution into the palm of the people innovating the musical experience of this generation.

Meet Our Team

Dhruv Joshi

CEO and Co-Founder

Dhruv Joshi is a technology entrepreneur and manages recording artist Joyner Lucas. He has over a decade of experience in developing digital tools, services, and is an expert growth strategist in online marketing and distribution. Through his numerous encounters with artists, he noticed many of their frustrations and limitations in their creative process. Tully App was developed to help an artist and their team better leverage digital tools while streamlining the collaborative process and creation of music.

Joyner Lucas

Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder

Joyner Lucas is the chief evangelist, user, and artistic mind behind Tully App. Joyner’s musical journey began at the age of seven, showing off his prodigious talents and dedication to his craft. He finally gained worldwide recognition with his breakout single “I’m Not Racist”. This song began of a streak of successful singles, that has to lead to collaborations with well-known artists like Chris Brown and Eminem, to name a few. Joyner is one of the most admired and respected of an emerging group of young, talented artists who are reshaping the music industry.