Easily upload and share files with artists privately. Access to Tully for Engineers is currently, invite only.

How It Works

When you upload files via Tully, you help protect the artist’s audio masters instantly. Our tools enable the artist to control who has access to their unreleased masters at all times.

Share Files

Get instant access to the audio files from the producer or artist directly, and integrate seamlessly into a production team.


Mix, reproduce and engineer the perfect sound anywhere, anytime.

Receive Money

You can now receive your money instantly for your engineering services.

Download Files

Artists and producers can instantly give you access to working files, you can download in any format, and begin work on the production within seconds.

Request Stem Files

Ease the mixing and sharing of audio files, get access to stems through Tully.

Share Master Recordings

Once you’re done working your magic, you can share masters with artists securely and safely.

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For successful collaboration, tracking, editing, mixing, remixing, and now sharing.