Songwriting starts here.

A tool to store and organize creative work

Play. Create. Write. Record. Share

Play audio, create projects, write lyrics, find rhymes, record ideas and share with engineers on the fly

Catch A Vibe

Save and play your music with Tully

Creative Writing

Write your lyrics and link them to an audio file


Record with the music playing while looking at your lyrics

Open. Copy. Save and Play.

Bringing files
into Tully is easy

Artists can easily save audio files in the Tully app. Audio files are saved directly into the Tully cloud keeping files safe and accessible.

  • 1 Open audio file in your email
  • 2 Copy audio file into Tully
  • 3 Save and play audio in Tully

Create projects,
start songwriting

Song-write While Playing Your Audio Files.

Lyrics automatically save with selected audio files.

Rhyming With Tully

Find Similar Sounding Words Instantly While Writing.
Capturing ideas has never been easier

Record ideas, hooks and verses.

Instantly without leaving your notepad or player.

Seamless Sharing

Share your project, stem files, lyrics and ideas with your engineer or collaborate with another artist instantly and effortlessly.

Grab inspiration anywhere

Ideas at your finger tips

I created Tully because I needed my own creative space where I can listen, write and record ideas before I go to the studio.

This tool was created to help me organize and store all my creative work. Now I can empower artists all over the world use it!

Joyner Lucas

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