Tully helps songwriters play, write, and record song ideas in one application. It’s also the easiest way to store and organize your creative work.

Songwriting Starts Here

Play audio, create projects, write lyrics, find rhymes, record ideas and share with engineers on the fly

Creative Writing

Write your lyrics, find rhymes and definitions to words simultaneously.

Record Ideas

Play your production, read your lyrics and record your vocals all in one screen.

Seamless Sharing

You can now share and control all your creative work. Even collaborate on projects with others.

Import Production into Tully

You can easily import production into Tully directly from your email or through your Tully web account.

Find Rhymes & Definitions Instantly

You can now find rhymes and definitions during your creative writing process.

Share Files with Complete Control

Tully allows you to share files with a URL, giving you complete asset control, allowing you to give and remove access to anyone within seconds.

Store Your Masters in Tully

Invite your engineer, and store all your unreleased music within the Tully App.

Keeping Your Files Safe and Secure

Secure all your files within Tully, keeping your creative work safe and backed up to the cloud.

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